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Recently I was in an interview and I was asked questions about this game. Yeah! It has a mention on my resume. Yes! I will soon put it up on my webpage: “” (Looks good!? Well this might not work as yet). Or wait! Let me go put it up… an under-construction page at least. Done!!

So where was I!? Yes Mr Interviewer noticed interesting things on my resume which even I started to forget.

He was pretty interactive and I patiently explained the game to him. He proved that he was very smart when he asked me to change the game.

How would I have the computer make educated guesses and finally reach that word the user thinks?

Ah! I was stumped. Well not because I couldn’t think of that but because I didn’t think of that. I mean why would someone want to outsmart a computer and let it play while you sit down and wait and give hints to the application. But it turned out I could say a few fancy words and think of a possible way to make it work. He said, “In that case you would need an extensive dictionary“. I said “Indeed“.

I just noticed that if we search CowAndTheBull on google, My blog comes in the results!! Yes on the first page. 😀 (No not this blog but the where I have posted some info about this one). Feels good eh!?

Anyway I found this page:

It introduces another flavor of the game and info about its origin.

And I figured I had to “bolt it” and so it did. (Let’s never lose a web page again)

In the meanwhile, I was told my someone recently that “I should focus on things that really matter”. And it hit a nerve. (Think: there may be some more delay in the Android App that I promised).

Talking of which. I upgraded my Galaxy S2 I9100G to ICS 4.0.3 today. It is very pretty. I have fallen in love with it all over again (I think I should keep that line handy 😀 I might say that to a real person ;-)).


Later gator.


About Nikunj Lahoti

Yet another kid with the Quarter-life crisis! :P :P Nothing serious though. A Software Engineer by profession and have an active interest in Technology (trust me when I say it .. “No other interests have lasted this long!” References Available upon Request). I like … No! I love to develop code. & I have had a lot of fun doing that (over the past 8 years). Predilection: Java, *nix, Android (ting) Current Age: 0×1A

2 responses to “Genesis

  1. vartikavats3 ⋅

    I must say that interview would have been fun 😉 Nothing captures your attention as much as technology does and you do give your priority to it. The one thing which will always keep you occupied , happy , busy …all at the same time is new updates on new technologies ….better if they are related to your mobile and best when related to the universe of computer :D:D…
    A mobile which is not updated and without any applications can keep you engrossed for hrs and the end result would be its new personality and absence of knowledge on the other person’s part regarding a technology or application can make you speak for hrs ….he he 🙂 🙂
    #stopsearching 😉

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