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Prep the Env (tick)

Yeah I know it has already been decades since I decided and confessed in Public that an App is in the making.

But I got caught up at work and doing some stuff (to upgrade an friend’s Android I did a lot of Mashakkat)

Finally I spent another few days 😀 setting up Android SDK.

Phew finally did it….

The awesome face unlock! 😀

btw this is my Number!












I hope I will set up one project soon & keep you apprised.

Bye Bye.



About Nikunj Lahoti

Yet another kid with the Quarter-life crisis! :P :P Nothing serious though. A Software Engineer by profession and have an active interest in Technology (trust me when I say it .. “No other interests have lasted this long!” References Available upon Request). I like … No! I love to develop code. & I have had a lot of fun doing that (over the past 8 years). Predilection: Java, *nix, Android (ting) Current Age: 0×1A

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